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Métis Nation Contemporary

Métis Nation Contemporary (NMC ) is a nonprofit Nation , democratic, whose raison d'être is the well- being of its communities , and in all possible areas. Métis Nation Contemporary want is a nation of services, which are offered to all Citizens of our Communities. The N.M.C. is based on three core values ​​: liberty , democracy and respect. For NMC , equal citizens is of great importance and there is not good , worse or better than other Métis , no, we are all equal. These are the main principles of grouping Métis , freedom, democracy , respect.

Métis Nation Contemporary , Contemporary why ? Contemporary because we need to face the fact that we 're not in time LD Riel, we are no longer in the same context . We are in 2012 , living in an organized society , the white people. We are part of and we feed it continuously complying with its requirements. We need to make to live in harmony with other communities living in the same context . It would be difficult for a large majority Brown, to live outside the context of the white North American civilization. Our purpose is very simple and justified. We believe that , as a first step , it would be better to be recognized here, in Quebec, because we believe that it would be easier to achieve and more importantly, more logical , well structured and Being prepared for this journey , this is we offer to those who will join us .

There are several Métis on the large territory of eastern Canada. Certainly , it is of utmost importance to have a common vision of the future that we want for the Métis in Quebec, God willing , and especially for our children .

The N.M.C. supports all its communities in their own efforts without interfering in their own management . We do not claim any territory as a nation is a concept is its Communities, which is the heart and our communities are entitled to claim a territorial space. But beware, a territory is on paper and limited by its borders , while the NMC for us , our country has no borders and , for this reason, we are everywhere in North America. Can we have more like territory? and why not ? Because we are the parent strain and the first overseas arrivals. If we do not have borders, it also means that, for us , Métis Western and Eastern Métis is the same, it remains a very short Métis. Contemporary Métis Nation does not want millions of smoke, we just want a little help to enable our people to handle. We want to show them how to fish . We also believe in training , prevention , health as well as psychological and social support. Finally and most importantly we want to teach them to learn because they know when they will be free , free to do in life what they probably always desired.

We have brothers and sisters who are experiencing difficulties in Quebec then start winner, put all our knowledge and experience. It is important not to forget that we are Métis . If one of our communities claiming land rights available , then our Nation will support these communities in all their endeavors. This ability to help his fellow own Métis and will be our strength for the future. Without this aid relationship , our people would not have survived then , sometimes just a little push to change the lives of our brothers and sisters. We will not act for example, Métis or two who want this or that , no, we act for a people , for a separate nation, able to manage itself and help to all Métis the great province of Quebec. This is our position : a Métis government, Métis and Métis .

We are a dynamic team going forward according to our goals and vision for the future of our Nation. We will offer our services to people for free because we now have what it takes to respond. Naturally, we can not do everything we want in a first time, but already we have a good program will not be unemployed in 2012. However, we still have a small reserve of time for unforeseen and , most importantly, we always have time for the citizens of our Nation.

By ; Mahikan Claude Samson

Nation Métis Contemporaine, 110 rue Derouin, St-Charles-Borromée, Qc. J6E 1Z1, tel: 450.753.4469